Friday, August 6, 2010

5th day by Marika and Martins

On the 5th day early in the morning at 7:30 am we had to wake up. Everyone was sleepy but we quickly woke up as we were going on an excursion. The targed destination was Seaside – Baltic Sea. But before it we visited several places. First we went to Sigulda city. We went to bus station to exchange money, and then we went to air wagon, and after that we got some souvenirs and then we went to Turaidas castle. We clib up to the top of the castle and after that one couple had a wedding in the church located near this castle. As everyone was interested in the ceremony of Latvian wedding we went there to attend. When new couple after the ceremony went out from the church we made first gates - we hold each other ands and made a chain, for its breaking they needed to say “I’ll love you forever” in Georgian language – “me yoveltvis mekvarebi”. :)

By the way of the next destination place – seaside – we stopped at the supermarket “MAXIMA”, we were so happy to have opportunity to make small shopping. And finally we got to the seaside: golden beach, Baltic sea, fire-place and sun. At the beginning it was a little bit windy and only Latvians went into the sea. But after th lunch Georgians also went swimming. It was great great great :) We took a lot of pictures.

At about 6 pm we needed to return to the bus. On the way back we had again opportunity to make shopping in MAXIMA :)

Oh, I forgot to make a comment about our bus driver. I think the driver didn’t really know very well how to drive a car as our bus stopped several times on a cross road. Not really pleasant feeling.

And finally our SAUNA PARTY!!!! Yeeee the coolest thing ever. Also this review is great!

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