Sunday, August 8, 2010

7th day by Levan and Liga

The most memorable moment in this day was when our team were making movie about contraception - Levan, Dato, Inita, Liga. It was very funny movie – I think it’s great! Also we had to make couples and then think about methods: learning by doing, asking anonim. It wasn’t easy exercise.

At afternoon, when we all were enough tired, was the presentation about ”Open space teknology” connected with our future. Lexo told us about that - it was presentation about Youth in Action possibilities and what whis programm offers. After that we made our future project ideas and present them to each other.

I think that this day was most funniest, because we were making our movies and it bring lot of fun. Also with good memories in our mind stays the film what we watched at the evening because then almost all we are together...

So 7th day was really good. we all really enjoy that..

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